The best way to like a foodporn post is by eating it.



Whenever in front of a delicious and irresistible dish, people do not miss the opportunity to register the moment and post on Instagram with the hashtag #foodporn, making their followers  feel jealous.



Heinz came up with a solution for this big Instagram problem in a very innovative way. For the first time, followers could eat #foodporn posts instantly instead of just liking it.



We invited a renowned chef from São Paulo to create an exclusive hamburger.  We posted it with geolocalization on Instagram Stories. Everyone who was impacted by that irresistible post and its mouthwatering effect, could do what had been impossible before: order the #foodporn at the same time just by using the Instagram itself. By swiping the screen up and confirming a location to receive it.


+ 317 burgers delivered in less than 2 hours

+ of 15 millions interactions in the action’s video case

+ of 7 million in earned media